I have one mission:

Helping you master your inner confidence

so you can follow your dreams & stand out,

in Style of course!

Bonjour! I'm Claire

Founder & CEO of Love to Style, Confidence Coach & Personal Stylist in Swindon, Wiltshire.

I am French, originally from the Champagne area, so OUI I love bubbles, chocolate and scarves!

After my degree in Tourism, I moved to the UK to perfect my English but ended up staying… Oh la la L’amour! 

I’m very excited to help you master unshakable Confidence, so you can create the Success you deserve in your business & life, in style bien sûr!!

I qualified as a Personal Stylist in 2008, after I had my daughter as I suddenly felt lost in my Style.

Going from corporate wear, knowing what suited me for my role and lifestyle, to becoming a mum totally threw my confidence out of the window (as well as the lack of sleep I expect!) I didn’t know how to look stylish anymore and all I ended up wearing made me feel frumpy and boring.

That’s when I ended up working with a Stylist and decided to become one!

Then I realised that as great as it was to help women look good on the “outside”, most of my clients struggled with inner confidence. Funnily enough, it took me years of “frustration” to discover that I should become a Confidence Coach.

I held myself back by my own limiting belief, thinking that you needed to be a psychologist to become a great coach. Anyway, after a magical AHAH moment in December 2020, I decided to become a Confidence Coach & got certified from “We are the Clique” Academy, in April 2021.

My mission is to help other women find the courage & confidence to do what they’re meant to do, so they can feel fulfilled & happy.

I’d love to help you transform from “feeling a mess to Success” as like you, I was frustrated knowing that I was meant for something more but didn't feel & look the part.

All you have to do is DECIDE & take inspired ACTION!

Get results like these

Claire's 12 weeks coaching program has helped me to have clarity about what was holding me back in my professional and personal life.Claire offered numerous surprisingly revealing exercises and sessions which made me realise I was holding onto limiting beliefs from my childhood.

I am now more in touch with my instincts and gut feeling, and focused on how not to fall in the traps from the past.This is in turn has made me more assertive and determined to be true to myself.

Claire is a very approachable and warm coach, and you cannot help but be enthused by her positivity.Her methods help to take a step back and clearly see what matters in life, resulting in increased assertiveness and confidence."

Isabelle Duffin

The coaching has made me realise how the last decade has impacted me and how much more self-love I needed to give myself. I thought I had this figured all this out but there were lots of negative potholes in my thinking that Claire helped me to identify and turn around.

I appeared as a guest on a friend's podcast (though I hate my voice and I am a terrible speaker). I thought it would take me another year to have the courage to do that! Thanks Claire!

Nazneen Choudhury

Thank you SO SO much for the session this morning!! I don’t even know where all these self-limiting beliefs came from but for the first time, I started challenging them and some of them now sound even funny 😊!!

Daily affirmations will change forever the way I think of myself, I am sure!! Also, you asked all the right questions which I never did and helped me reflect on so many things!!! Thanks for challenging me and bringing so much more clarity and positivity into my life 😊

Rachele Gonzaga


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