I have one mission:

Helping you master your inner Confidence so you can follow your Dreams, with Style!

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Bonjour, I'm Claire Praom

A Confidence Coach & Personal Stylist, on a mission to help you master inner Confidence so you can create unstoppable Success.

Do you dream of having your own business because you want to have financial freedom, live where you want and enjoy the best experiences life has to offer with your loved ones?

Do you desire of showing up "online" in your business with Confidence so you attract more clients?

Do you aspire to help others by doing what you love every day?

Imagine getting up helping your clients, being financially rewarded to do something that doesn't feel like "work" and knowing exactly what to wear, looking Stylish & Confident, empowered for your busy day ahead. 

Now, you may feel stuck and overwhelmed with a wardrobe full of clothes but still unable to create a nice outfit that reflects the successful woman you are. 

You may be fed up of wasting Time & Money shopping for clothes that don't suit your body shape, colours and even your lifestyle.

You are possibly "staying invisible" on social media because you don't have the Confidence to show "your true self" to the world.

Maybe you've been thinking "I have nothing to wear, everything looks frumpy on me, or who am I to say I'm an expert in my business or I'll just show my products & the results of my services online...I don't need to show up!"

The thing is nobody teaches us at school about Confidence, Colours and how to create Stylish outfits together, right?...

So let's work on your big vision, your beliefs, mindset, how to define a Signature Style that suits your Body type & Lifestyle and be the confident woman you deserve to be. 

Let me guide you on How to Elevate your Confidence for success so your wardrobe open "doors of opportunities" for you.  

Are we a good match?!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? or you have recently started a business because you know you're meant for something big?

Are you ready to show the world who you truly are with unshakable

inner Confidence & Style?

Are you ready to inspire and attract new clients with ease?

Claire Praom, Confidence coach and Personal stylist, founder of love to style

If you answered "Yesss" to all of the above, then let's do this!


Elevate Your Confidence for Success

My 8 Weeks 1:1 Coaching & Styling Programme

Designed to empower you with the tools to "show up" in your life with Confidence, by reconnecting with your big vision, clear your "blocks", discover your Signature Style, create a great plan of Inspired Actions. 

You know you're meant for something big.

Give me all the details! 

From self-doubt to self-belief

12 Weeks 1:1 Coaching & Styling Programme

Includes 10 Sessions

- Get Clarity!

-Style consultation

- Wardrobe edit

- Identify what's holding you back

- 3 Sessions on Transforming your limiting beliefs around your Confidence, fear of judgement, lack of visibility using NLP techniques...

Adopt empowering new beliefs

- Forgiveness

- Create an inspired action plan

- Trust & Surrender

You get my support via email, voice notes during 12 weeks so you can be accountable!

I'm your cheerleader for the duration of this programme :)

Claire Praom Confidence and style coach, I help ambitious women to master unshakable inner confidence and style so they can create unstoppable success
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