Claire's 12 weeks coaching program has helped me to have clarity about what was holding me back in my professional and personal life.

Claire offered numerous surprisingly revealing exercises and sessions which made me realise I was holding onto limiting beliefs from my childhood.

I am now more in touch with my instincts and gut feeling, and focused on how not to fall in the traps from the past.

This is in turn has made me more assertive and determined to be true to myself.

Claire is a very approachable and warm coach, and you cannot help but be enthused by her positivity.

Her methods help to take a step back and clearly see what matters in life, resulting in increased assertiveness and confidence."

Isabelle Duffin (12 weeks Coaching Program)

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“Thank you again for your help, comments and feedback throughout the last couple of weeks and during the day.

It really helped having someone there who was able to direct me straight away to some selected pieces and has a fresh look at my wardrobe and style.


I've even managed to find two lovely new casual/elegant tops I can match with trousers and/or skirts. One in fuchsia (I would have never chosen that in the past) and another one in white; great little pieces. Now I just need to find some time to sort out my wardrobe!“

Anne Gesell  (Person shopping Swindon)

I absolutely loved Claire's Colours course.

Claire goes into so much detail on finding the right colours for you and your branding.

I absolutely loved the content and Claire's has a really friendly personality that you can't help but enjoy the videos.

I feel so confident now in the colours I am wearing and using for my business branding.

I love the detail she goes into so that you can make the best choices for yourself.

Thank you for such an amazing course

Christina McLoughlin (Online Colour Course)

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"Before I started working with Claire, I didn’t know what to do in terms of what to buy.

At our first meeting in Swindon, Claire reassured me that I didn’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe but to work with some of the pieces I already had.

It’s amazing that I can mix and match style pieces to create a whole new look and complement my colouring. I learned that certain colours give us confidence and she gave me tips on what colours to wear for a job interview.

This advice worked because I now have a great new job. The benefits of working with Claire was knowing what types of clothing I need to buy for my shape and lifestyle.

I really like that Claire was on the case helping me find that perfect outfit for a Christmas party and nothing was ever too much trouble and she really put me at ease. I am so glad that I have invested in myself by having this style consultation because I feel so much more confident and empowered about my image. 

Danielle Kottnauer (Style Consultation + Colour Analysis)

Thank you SO SO much for the session this morning!!

I don’t even know where all these self-limiting beliefs came from but for the first time, I started challenging them and some of them now sound even funny 😊!!

Daily affirmations will change forever the way I think of myself, I am sure!!

Also, you asked all the right questions which I never did and helped me reflect on so many things!!!

Thanks for challenging me and bringing so much more clarity and positivity into my life 😊

Rachele Gonzaga (Coaching sessions)

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Thoroughly enjoyed the colour course. I had no idea why some colours worked better for me than others but I do now.

On a practical level I can now save myself from making expensive ‘mistakes’ as I know what I’m looking for when shopping. Invaluable.

Claire explained everything very nicely and it was easy to follow the various steps.

I will recommend this to friends.

Birgitta Ronn (Online Colour Analysis)

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