Claire Praom, Confidence coach and personal stylist, helping you being visible and show up online, build your business with success, financial freedom

How to Elevate Your Confidence for Success!

8 Weeks Intensive Coaching & Styling Programme

Are you ready to show up with confidence in your life because you know you deserve more success & happiness?

Yes, I’m ready for Success

Maybe you've...

  • Felt ungrateful for wanting more because on "paper" you have it all.
  • Been confused on what you really want because "life" got in the way.
  • Felt like a fraud and that you got where you are by luck!
  • Felt you're destined for more but don't know where to start to change your life.
  • Felt frustrated seeing other women have the promotion, the clients, success, great body confidence and wonder "why not me?"
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Imagine if:

  • You finally understand what's been holding you back for years & know how to step up as a new confident woman, feeling like the CEO of your life.
  • You look more stylish, radiant, be kinder to yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin!
  • Your income skyrocket
  • You know how to tackle life hurdles and trust yourself to find ways to overcome them.
  • You have the courage to go after your dreams because you know you deserve more in life.
  • You start the business of your dreams or do what you love in your professional life.
  • You simply attract clients and opportunities by being you!
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This programme is for...


& those who are ready to do the internal work to master their inner confidence and realize their dreams.


that are fed up of playing small due to their lack of confidence, self-esteem and not feeling good enough.


that understand that how she shows up in life impact how she feels, and that how she feels impact how she shows up...

"The coaching has made me realise how the last decade has impacted me and how much more self-love I needed to give myself. I thought I had this figured all this out but there were lots of negative potholes in my thinking that Claire helped me to identify and turn around.

I appeared as a guest on a friend's podcast (though I hate my voice and I am a terrible speaker). I thought it would take me another year to have the courage to do that! Thanks Claire! "

Nazneen Choudhury

What will you get:

  • Coaching Welcome & Assessment Pack

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom including a Style consultation (Total of 6).

Session1: We are going to focus on your big vision and gain clarity.

Session 2: Style consultation so you know what suits you best which will give you an instant boost of confidence.

Session 3: Discover what’s holding you back.

Session 4 & 5: Key steps to transform your limiting beliefs and feel empowered.

Session 6: Create a strong inspired actions plan that will help skyrocket your confidence so you are ready to attract more in your life.

  • Resources: You will receive some follow up homework after our sessions, a style workbook based on our session together and my support in between our sessions together.

  • BONUS: My Email/Voice note support for 8 weeks, where I encourage you and keep you accountable, so you consistently show up.

  • BONUS 2: I'm giving my Online Colour Course so you also know the colours that suit you best! Compliments guaranteed!

Meet your new coach & personal stylist!

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Hi, I’m Claire Praom, a Frenchie that live in Swindon (UK) with my partner and children.

I qualified as a personal stylist in 2008 after the birth of my daughter as I felt lost in my identity and struggled to know what to wear…

After being “transformed” by a stylist, I decided to train as one!

Over the years I realized that many women struggled with inner confidence despite having great jobs so I decided to become a certified coach and specialize in Confidence.

I’m going to show you that step by step you can become that ambitious woman living her best life. It’s all within you, you just need a little help and take a lot of inspired actions.

Rome was not built in a day, BUT it was built, right?

So, if you know that now is the time for you to step up in the most confident version of yourself

AND you understand that the most important thing to invest in is YOU then you're ready for this programme.

Rachele Gonzaga stylist

Thank you SO SO much for the session this morning!!

I don’t even know where all these self-limiting beliefs came from but for the first time I started challenging them and some of them now sound even funny 😊!!

Daily affirmations will change forever the way I think of myself I am sure!!

Also you asked all the right questions, which I never did and helped me reflect on so many things!!!

Thanks for challenging me and bringing so much more clarity and positivity into my life 😊

Rachele Gonzaga

Andrea Rohonova, peak performance coach

Claire helped me to uncover the things I could not see myself.

Then digging deeper, we together found the ways how to solve these hidden mysteries.

At the end of the call, I came out with the clear action steps that I’m going to take to achieve my dream goal. And I’m working on my action step 1.

It’s so exciting! Huge thank you.

Andrea Rohonova